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Authentic Indigenous Experiences

Cultural Tour Packages

Our Story. Through Our Lens
Wikwemikong Tourism offers tours hosted by Anishnaabek people who have carefully planned itineraries that reflect the lifestyles of the Anishnaabek of the Three Fires Confederacy- the Ojibwe, Odawa and Pottawatomi peoples. As Manitoulin's largest First Nation community and Canada's only officially recognized Unceded Indian Reserve, Wikwemikong is rich in culture and history. With over 42000 hectares of land to explore including over 41 Islands surrounding our Peninsula we welcome you to take part in our nature based and cultural tourism experiences. Our guides will share the history and legends of our people, retrace canoe routes of our ancestors and captivate you with some of the most breathtaking scenery that Manitoulin Island has to offer.

Daily Experiences run from June to September, call our tourist specialists to book your next cultural adventure.

Bebamikawe "Making Footprints"couple enjoying the view

Embark on an interpretive hike through the Bebamikawe Memorial Trail that leads to stunning views along the Niagara Escarpment. Manitoulin is known as being one of the most plant diverse areas in North America and we have designed our hiking trail to flow through this diverse ecological habitat. While taking part on this tour, you will experience:

• First Class Trail system with three scenic hiking routes, complete with educational signage

• Replicas of lodges and hunting shelters depicting how our woodland ancestors used to live

• Learn how Anishnaabek people use plants for utility, edibility and medicinal purposes.

• Learn and experience knowledge of fire making, cooking, and building a shelter based on the plant that is being taught

Our knowledgeable guide will connect you with nature by showing you the traditional uses and sciences behind the teachings. This experience will allow you to walk away with a new way of thinking, understanding and appreciation of our culture; experience this place through the lens of our ancestors.

Duration: 4 hrs

Cost: $50.00 Adults / $45.00 Elders/Students

Available: June through September

Includes: Water

Minimum (2) - 24 hr advanced booking

Bebamikawe Trail Leaflet


The Unceded Journey

Harbour Front  Historic Tour  1836

Experience the history of Mnidoo Mnis (Manitouin Island) through the Unceded Journey. Our "step-on" guide will take you to four historic sites to view plaques and monuments that tell the history of Manitoulin Island. This educational experience will share the 1836 and 1862 treaties of Manitoulin Island, intrigue you with the local lore and legend of Zhibzhii the underwater spirit, and take you back in time to the now infamous "Manitoulin Incident".

Duration: 3 hrs

Cost: $35.00 Adults / $30.00 Elders/Students

View Historic Sites, Craft Shop and Art Gallery

Available: June through September

Includes: Water

Bay of the Beaver Canoe Tour

Bay of the beaverPaddle the canoe route of our Ancestors and experience the history of the Wikwemikong Fishing Islands. This canoe tour departs from Meeshkodewaang (Prairie Point) located at the northern shores of Wikwemikong that lead you to the fishing islands along beautiful Lake Huron. This tour will follow the shoreline of Prairie Point through the sheltered fishing Islands overlooking the Lachloche Mountain range. Your Indigenous guide will captivate you with local legends and historical facts while you take in the picturesque scenery. Explore our historic Islands and learn about the diverse plants that we use for utility, edibility and medicinal purposes. This adventure will follow the canoe route of our ancestors to the 17th century Iroquois battle site at Skulls Point and end at Meeshkodewaang (Prairie Point).


Duration: Half Day

Cost: $85.00 Adult / $75.00 Elders/Students

View Historic Sites, Craft Shop and Art Gallery

Available: June Through September

Includes: Water, Fruit & Nutrition Bars

(Advanced 24 hour booking required and cancellations will be made in the event of inclement weather)


 Dewegan - Drum and Song

This intimate tour teaches visitors about Indigenous song and drum teachings and provides an exhilarating hand drum performance. Learn about the different styles of songs and dances that can be seen throughout Turtle Island (North America)

Drum and Dance

Duration: 3 hrs

Cost: $45.00 Adult / $40.00 Elders/Studernt

Available: June through September

Minimum (2) - 24 hr advanced booking





 The Seven Grandfathers - Painting Expereience

Seven GrandfathersIntrigue yourself in a cultural activity which will yield a story of your own with the guidance of the seven grandfather teachings. Listen to one of our oldest teachings we share and the lessons within as your very own piece of Art comes to life. Compete this experience with a tour of James Simon Mishibinijima Art Gallery.

Duration: 3 hrs

Cost: $50.00 Adult / $45.00 Elders/Students

Includes: Art Supplies

Available: June through September

Minimum (2) - 24 hr advanced booking