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Infrastructure & Services


a) The raw water supply is from Smith Bay and is a good raw water source. There is adequate supply and quality is generally very good for a surface water supply.  A new in ground reservoir was connected to the existing reservoir in 1994 with a storage capacity of 900,000 litres.  A new 1.1/25g litres steel tank elevate storage reservoir was constructed to provide water storage for the second pressure zone, which will also provide additional storage capacity.

b) A water treatment facility with a membrane filtration system is located at the water edge of Smith Bay.  It is designed to produce a maximum continuous output of 30.1 Litres per second of treated water. The water fees for the community are $70.00/three months.

c) The existing sewer treatment plant was recently expanded and upgraded.  This plant was expanded to a current design capacity of 1,970m3/day to meet waste water generated volumes to satisfy the 20 year demand.

d) Wikwemikong’s electricity is serviced by a three-phase power system.

e) Wikwemikong’s local telephone service is provided by Eastlink with access to digital high speed internet.

f) First Tel is an alternative provider with Long Distance Services and offers all other service outside the Eastlink area.