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Commercial Activity


Most services are located in the Main Village, there are 64 businesses located on reserve, some services include gas and service station, grocery stores, 4 confectionary, a restaurant, an Arts and Craft and gift stores, a deli shop and a laundry mat, take out pizza, a pharmacy, a thrift shop, a bank agency store, a clothing and hardware store, several construction and heavy equipment contractors.

Wikwemikong also owns one business off reserve, which is the Rainbow Ridge Golf Course.


Wikwemikong has a log home construction business, as well as several sawmills.

Arts and Crafts

Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve is recognized as being the last bastion of the arts and crafts production for Indian people.  Well-known artists, quill-box specialists, medicine men, and totem pole craftsmen are still abundant in Wikwemikong.


The main source of employment in Wikwemikong is within the public sectors, ie. local government services, education and health services.  The secondary employment source is in the retail and service sector, with employment in the Natural Resources or Forestry as the third source of employment.

In 2006, Wikwemikong’s working age on reserve population was 1981, 45% of this population was employed.  The 55% unemployed population includes students attending high school and post secondary, therefore it is estimated that the balance of the workforce that is unemployment is approximately 500, of the 500 it is assumed that 200 to 250 band members are able and willing to work.