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Location, Area & Status


Location_Area_StatusWikwemikong is an Unceded Territory located on the eastern end of Manitoulin Island, at 81° 45' longitude and 45° 45 ' latitude. The reserve proper has a total area of 42,546.5 hectares with an additional 13,805.7 hectares of Point Grondine Reserve No. 3, which is found on the mainland northeast of Killarney on Georgian Bay.

The territory is approximately 171 kilometres from Sudbury, a regional centre for government, industry and services. Access to the Wikwemikong main village is a paved road that eventually connects with Highway 6. The main village is the central focus of the reserve and is the location of the administrative buildings, nursing home, health centre and schools.

The closest neighbouring community is Manitowaning. Manitowaning has a population of 926 (according to the 1996 census), and is 17 kilometres west of Wikwemikong. Little Current, which is the point of access to Manitoulin Island from the mainland, has a population of 1,575 (according to the 1996 census) and is approximately 50 kilometres away from Wikwemikong via Highway 6.