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Point Grondine Park

Point Grondine Park MapA First Nation owned and operated recreational park, Point Grondine has over 7,000 hectares of scenic natural wilderness landscape, old growth pine forest, stunning river vistas and eight interior lakes to explore. The picturesque water trails flowing along the coast of Georgian Bay invite you to many canoe routes, hiking trails and backcountry campsites located throughout the interior of the Park. Hike, canoe or sea kayak along the traditional routes of the Anishnaabek people and be ready to be captivated by this historic and majestic place.

The trailhead is ideally situated off of Killarney highway 637 nestled between the Killarney and French River Provincial Parks; it is in the northern terminus of the Georgian Bay Coast Trail, a sustainable world-class hiking trail in the spectacular landscape of the UNESCO Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. The Georgian Bay Coast Trail is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience in a world-renowned location and will provide hikers with 200 km of rugged coast to explore. Be ready to get your feet wet as the trail will have limited infrastructure and be a one of a kind adventure – you will explore Georgian Bay and its beauty one step at a time!


Throughout the summer months you can explore the park through Authentic Aboriginal Experiences that connect you to the territory of its original descendants.  The park is accessible through mandatory park permits and can be purchased online at www.grondinepark.com or by calling 1-705-859-3477.

Mervs Landing

Trail Length: 6.0 KM Looped - Advanced Beaver Crossing

Permit Required

Self-Guided Hike

Get your gear and come hike this beautiful new 6-kilometre loop that takes you to the summit overlooking the white quartzite Mountains of the Killarney Mountain range. Mervs Landing is a 6 km trail that begins at the trail head at the Point Grondine Park. This single tract, natural surfaced trail flows through hardwood and Pine stands, crosses beaver damns via handcrafted pine bridges to the Recollets summit overlooking the Killarney Mountain Range.
Mervs Landing Sumit
Relax for lunch while taking in the rich history of the Anishnaabek people of Point Grondine, Killarney and the French River. Interpretive signage at the summit highlights the connection the Anishnaabek have to this vast land. The trail down to Mahzenahzing Lake will give you opportunity to take in some breathtaking scenery (and great photo ops!) and gives you a glimpse into the landscape of the Point Grondine Park and Georgian Bay Coast Trail.
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Wemtagoosh FallsWemtagoosh Falls
Georgian Bay Coast Trail

Trail length: 21.0 km Looped - Advanced

Permit Required

Self-Guided/Backcountry Camping


Start your adventure with a hiker orientation with Trail Guardian prior to your backcountry departure. For the more adventurous outdoor enthusiast this self guided hike will take you into the interior of the Point Grondine Park for an overnight adventure along the Georgian Bay Coast Trail. Beginning at the park trail head at Mervs Landing, this trail has a water crossing at the Mahzenahzing Lake.
This rugged trail takes your through old growth pine forest along the Mahzenahzing River to Cedar Lake. Hike along the river to Wemtagoosh Falls and take in the breathtaking scenery. At the falls you will find the backcountry campsites nestled along the trail with water access at Cedar Lake.
Wemtagoosh Falls
The last leg of the hike will take you along Cedar Lake winding up and down narrow passages to the lookout site at Smugglers Canyon. This section of trail gives you a glimpse into what the hike will be like to the coast of Georgian Bay and throughout the many interior lakes of the Park.
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Interior Canoe RoutesKa Gaa Gehns

Permit Required

Backcountry Campsites


Explore the Kaa-Gaa-gehns Water Trail connecting to the park interior lakes or the coast of Georgian Bay to Phillip Edward Island, the French River and Killarney Provincial Parks. Begin your adventure at the Trailhead at Hwy 637 at the Park entrance and explore the interior of the Park connecting to the six interior lakes with single and group backcountry campsites. All backcountry trippers are greeted by our Trail Guardians who will go over your trip itinerary.
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 Making Footprints

BT Look Out

Guided 4 hrs - Merv's Landing

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This educational experience has a focus on the way the Anishnaabek use plants for utility, edibility abd medicinal purposes. Our aboriginal guide "Joseph" has devoted his life to learn the ways of our people and through his wealth of inherited knowledge will connect you with nature by showing you the traditional uses and sciences behind the teachings.